Ed Rust Sculpture

Well now…this is amazing. Here I am back on WordPress. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything. It’s like going back to school again. Very much First Day nerves if you know what I mean. But I’ll get used to it. Hopefully.

Okay, so I’m here. What do I have to say? Well, after quite a lull in the whacky world of sculpture I believe I’m ready to get back into business. Doing what exactly? Mmm….let me think. Ceramics is a possibility. Bronze sculptures could be the way to go, but that’s not cheap. I think handmade is still the priority. I make – the client buys. Keep it simple.

Lots to think about definitely. Instagram? That appears to be the big one. Facebook? Well, I dabbled with FB some time ago but it was too overwhelming. Maybe I need something slower….? Pinterest? Not convinced really. Far too much going on. I think I’ve reached the age where slower is better. As you can probably tell by this post……..

Okay….end of first day. Let’s hope for something a little more creative in the days ahead. Stay tuned as they used to say on the radio. Maybe they still do?